Tamper Evident Bags are manufactured from Co-Extruded Polyethylene Films, which are black inside and white outside or it can be transparent, it comes with a hot melt adhesive strip for easy & permanent closure. It has a special security seal with void letters which shows evidence of tampering. once sealed, cannot be opened, the only way to open is to tear or cut the envelope. If anyone tries to tamper, VOID letters will be transferred to the other side which will clearly show that product has been tampered with.


  • The high-security tape shows void letters if an attempt is made to tamper with the package.
  • Unique sequential bar code and numbering for easy tracking & identification of package.
  • Security edge prints on the 3 sides with twin seals on the side of the bag to prevent side tampering.
  • Customized Sizes.
  • Custom printing according to the customer’s requirements up to 4 colors.
  • The bag can be made transparent or opaque as per requirement.


These bags are widely used for the transit of highly confidential documents, and precious items like Examination Papers. Currency. Passport. Evidence for Police Dept. Batch Samples. Forensic Labs. Credit/debit card. Confidential Documents. Duty-free shopping bag.

We can provide a full range of customizable tamper-evident bags of any size. Our security bags are easy to use and are easy to seal, that show clear signs of tampering when security is breached. Our security bag designs are unique and not easily copied.

Our tamper-evident bags are made from 100% recyclable plastic. Customer-specific configurations are available for various applications.