Security seals are mechanical devices used to seal or lock items. Their main function is to indicate tampering or unauthorized access to a sealed item. Security seals are designed for single use only. In the event that the sealed item or cargo is tampered with, security seals will exhibit tamper evident marks – this will indicate to the user that a breach has occurred. While regular closures such as cable ties do not have printed markings on them, some of the security seals have unique printed serial numbers for identification purposes. For security seals to work to their full potential, they should be implemented within an integrated security program like barcodes and numbering, with sufficient employee training to ensure that they are used in the correct manner.

Multiroots can provide you with different types of seals e.g.: plastic seals, metal seals, padlock seals, bolt seals, etc. which are used in airlines and airports, Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing, and Banking & Cash-in-Transit, etc.

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